Car Dealership Live Chat & CRM Software

Lead Generation & CRM Software For Car Dealers

Allow your customers to use their preferred communication method whilst answering every enquiry from a single system, with integrated customer relationship management and appointment scheduling.

Simplified Communications

MotorDesk combines all of your communications with your customer profiles and appointment scheduling, alongside easy to access vehicle data and customer notes.

When a customer gets in touch you can instantly see all of their information, amend and schedule appointments, and share vehicle information and offers - all from the same interface.

MotorDesk - Automotive Leads & Communication Management Software

Omni-Channel Communication

No more switching between chat software and online portals! Manage your online chats, website enquiries, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LINE & AutoTrader Leads all from a single system.

Answer every enquiry with MotorDesk whilst enabling your customers to use their preferred communication method.

MotorDesk - Customer Omni-Channel Communication - SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, AutoTrader, Email

Build Customer Relationships

Automatically link visitors, customers & transactions, and create new customer profiles in seconds.

Manage customer information and collect marketing consent with ease, whilst maintaining GDPR compliance.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Customer Relationship Management System - CRM

Live Chat Included

No more paying for extras, our website live chat is included with all our membership plans without limits, and at no additional cost.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Software - Optional Extras and Factory Fit Detection

AutoTrader Leads

Manage your AutoTrader Leads with full support for Deal Builder, Part Exchange Guide, Finance and New Stock enquiries.

Automatically link leads with your own customer profiles and vehicle data, then reply via AutoTrader Leads or switch to another communication method with ease.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Management - AutoTrader Leads Part Exchange

Website Enquiries

Generate website enquiries with simple and intuitive contact forms targeted to specific tasks.

Arrange viewings & test drives, offer car sale and part exchange valuations, handle callback and contact form enquiries easily with highly customisable forms.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Website - Arrange Viewing

Instant Notifications

Never miss an enquiry with instant notifications to your mobile devices, and your computer screen.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Software - Instant Push Notification

Vehicles of Interest

Automatically link vehicles of interest and quickly identify and suggest recommended vehicles. Share vehicle information and move from lead to sale at the click of a button.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Software - Vehicles of Interest - Recommend a Vehicle

Appointments & Notes

Easily manage your customer appointments, with automatic follow-up appointments, reminders, and dashboard calendar.

Assign appointments to specific team members, and maintain appointment notes with ease.

MotorDesk - Automotive Dealership Appointment Management System - Schedule Appointment with Calendar

Create Offers & Proposals

Quickly and easily create personalised offers and proposals, and share them via any communication channel. Seamlessly move from enquiry to sale with ease.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Software - Creating Offer/Proposal with Part Exchange

Search, Filter & Assign Leads

Long-term data retention ensures you never lose old leads and enquiries. Quickly search and filter leads to locate specific or past enquiries in seconds.

Automatically assign leads by type, and simplify how your staff share and assign leads.

MotorDesk - Automotive Leads Manager - Search & Filter Leads

VOIP Integration

Connect your RingCentral VOIP phones to create leads automatically whenever the phone rings.

Access your call logs and recordings alongside your leads and customer records.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Management Platform - RingCentral Call Recording & Log

Business Email Hosting

Reliable & secure email hosting is included with all our plans so you don't need to maintain any third-party email services. Connect your computers, tablets and phones with ease, or use webmail.

MotorDesk - Car Dealership Management Platform - Business Email Hosting
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