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Web Design Specifically For The Dealership Industry

A modern, responsive and SEO optimised car sales website, customised to your business and backed by a simple yet powerful editor designed for novices!

Our Templates

Install a template in seconds, customise endlessly to achieve your perfect design.

Our website design templates for car dealerships provide a ready-to-go car dealership website, installed in a matter of seconds. Each website design template provides powerful used car search and sales tools, and can be customised endlessly to suit your used car dealership's branding, and to add additional content and pages.

Bespoke Designs

Have us create your perfect website!

Responsive Across All Devices

Your website will automatically adjust to visitor's devices to provide the best possible browsing experience, whether they're using a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or any other device.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Website - Responsive Websites - Browse Vehicles - Multiple Devices

Search, Favourite & Compare Vehicles

Allow visitors to search, favourite and compare your vehicles with ease - helping them find the perfect vehicle.

Our customisable search forms, layouts and results enable you to design your perfect search experience.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Websites - Compare Vehicles

Online Reservations with Instant Notifications

Accept payments online and allow visitors to reserve a vehicle with ease, with instant notifications to your nominated devices.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Reserve Vehicle

Car Highlights & Specifications

Simple vehicle highlights, comprehensive feature lists and detailed technical specifications, all pre-completed from accurate data sources - ensuring your customers know every detail they are interested in.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Vehicle Specifications, Highlights, Features & Optional Extras

Module Based Web Design Templates

Choose from a selection of highly customisable car dealer website design templates, or have us create a bespoke web design for your car dealership.

Add new hero sections, call-to-action buttons, customer reviews, new & related vehicles, social media content, location maps, contact forms and so much more, using simple to customise modules with pre-defined colour palettes to suit your branding.

Add and customise complete content sections to extend your website in seconds using our car dealership CMS!

MotorDesk - Car Sales Website - Website Modules

Simple Yet Powerful Website Editing

Designed for computer novices, not web designers, you can add new pages, modules and text in a couple of clicks, without technical knowledge.

If you're looking for something more, we're always on-hand to provide personal support and bespoke services.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Website Editor

Website Statistics

Understand your website visitors and traffic with integrated website statistics, helping you track exactly how your customers are using your website and which vehicles are most popular.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Website Statistics

Stock Photo Library

Upload and edit your own photos, or take advantage of the in-built stock photo library which includes over 300 high-quality photographs, categorised and organised for quick and easy searching.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Stock Car Photo Library

Modern, SEO Optimised & Customisable

Modern and striking, and designed for national and local search engine optimisation, helping you find new customers nationally and in your local area.

We will personalise your website to suit your branding, and continue to customise the design, structure and functionality to suit your business.

MotorDesk - Car Dealer Website - Website Editor
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Car Dealer Website Design Questions

Yes of course! MotorDesk's car dealership websites are optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation) out-of-the-box, with a focus on localised SEO and local SEO search terms such as 'used cars in YOUR-CITY'. This default search term targeting is easily customised to different types of vehicle, and different locations, for example 'prestige sports cars in town, city and county'.

It's important to understand whilst having a search engine optimised website is critical, this is only the first step. To build your SEO you need to add unique and useful content to your website, and gain links to your website from reputable third-party websites to help build the reputation of your car dealership website.

MotorDesk's car dealership websites are designed around UX (user experience), with a focus on simplicity to help visitors quickly and easily search vehicles, and find the key vehicle information they're looking for.

MotorDesk provides highly detailed vehicle information for those visitors who are looking for it, but also presents more simplified vehicle information above this to help visitors quickly filter through your stock to narrow down on their perfect vehicle, where they will then find the detailed information they need.

MotorDesk's websites are fully responsive, enabling them to adapt from small devices like mobile phones all the way up to large desktop screens, and even TVs. At least 50% of your visitors will be using mobile phones and these are the devices which are the most susceptible to bad website design - as such we focus on mobile car dealership website visitors and design to ensure your website is optimised for this use, whilst also ensuring equal optimisation on larger screens.

Absolutely! A low-quality, slow and poorly designed website will lose you customers! Recent research from Google indicates 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn't load within three seconds.

MotorDesk's car dealer websites are highly optimised and performance tested to ensure they load as quickly as possible, across all devices. Unlike other car dealership website providers, we use high-availability cloud web hosting based in the UK, ensuring your website stays online and loads as quickly as possible. Where necessary we also utilise CDN (content delivery networks) to optimise the performance of our car dealership websites.

We offer a fully managed website migration process, guiding you through the transfer of your car dealership website to MotorDesk - with absolutely minimal downtime.

We understand switching to a new car dealer website provider can be a daunting prospect, but it's something we do routinely for dealerships big and small.

We can import all your existing stock from popular marketplaces and competitor car dealer software, and we will fully manage the migration of your website domain name and email accounts. We'll be on-hand through and after the switch to assist in any way we can, including with comprehensive set-up assistance, support and training available on demand.

Yes and no. We provide template-based car dealership websites available for you to install in seconds, or we can create a bespoke car dealership website design for you as an additional service.

Our template-based designs are fully customisable, providing a starting point to be adapted to suit your business and branding. MotorDesk provides a powerful content management system to enable you to edit and add website content, and we're available to assist you through this process.

Bespoke car dealership web design services are also available to help create your perfect website!

Yes, MotorDesk car dealer websites include a full dealership website statistics report helping you understand how popular your car dealer website is, what visitors are looking at, where visitors are coming from, and if applicable how successful your car dealership marketing campaigns are.

MotorDesk can also integrate with third-party website analytics such as Google Analytics on request.

Absolutely! MotorDesk includes a range of website customisation tools, as well as a powerful car dealer CMS (content management system).

Simple tools are provided for customising your car dealership website header, footer and navigation, as well as powerful tools for customising features like your car search result design.

MotorDesk's CMS enables you to edit every page on your car dealership website and to add as many new website pages as you would like. This powerful tool makes editing your dealership website content extremely easy, with the ability to insert powerful features like car search tools, customer reviews, location maps and more.

MotorDesk includes a car dealership website as standard with all our membership plans. You can pick your favourite car dealership website template without additional charge, and we will help you customise it without additional charge.

Bespoke and fully custom car dealer website designs are available as an additional service, the cost of this will depend on your requirements.

In a few minutes!

Quite literally, when you sign-up to MotorDesk we will set up your car dealership website immediately - during our opening hours this is typically completed in less than 5 minutes. You will then be live with a default car dealership website providing a full car search tool, car information pages, sell my car page, and contact page using the car dealership details and contact information you provided during sign-up.

If you choose to install one of MotorDesk's car dealership web design templates this will be installed in approximately 10 seconds, and you can switch between car dealer website designs as you wish.