WordPress For Car Dealerships

MotorDesk Car Dealership WordPress Plugin

We don't use WordPress, but we understand if you do!

WordPress Plugin

If you already have a WordPress website we understand if you don't want to start creating a new website. That's why we created the MotorDesk WordPress Plugin - connecting MotorDesk with your WordPress website.

MotorDesk on WordPress.org

MotorDesk - WordPress For Car Dealerships

WordPress Car Stock & Inventory Search

Once connected the MotorDesk WordPress Plugin synchronises your MotorDesk vehicle data with your WordPress website, giving you a powerful car stock/inventory search tool on your WordPress website, as well as comprehensive vehicle information pages.

MotorDesk - WordPress Website - Car Inventory Search

Connect MotorDesk Tools

Integrate MotorDesk's powerful website features like online vehicle reservations and car enquiry forms, directly on your WordPress car website!

MotorDesk - WordPress Car Sales Website

Migrate To MotorDesk

WordPress is great for blogs, but if you're running a serious car dealership you should consider using a website platform that reflects that. MotorDesk provides an industry-leading car dealer website platform, providing all of the functionality you could dream of in a system designed for car dealers, not web developers.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Website - Responsive Websites

WordPress Website Comparison

Compare a WordPress website with a MotorDesk enhanced, or MotorDesk powered website.

WordPress Website WordPress Website with MotorDesk Plugin MotorDesk Website
Your Branding
Your Domain Name
Integrated Stock Management
Publish To Marketplaces & Social Media
Car Sales Invoicing Tools
Automated Social Media
Omni-Channel Leads & Live Chat
Online Enquiry Forms
World-Class Vehicle Data
Vehicle Search Tools
Vehicle Information Pages
Online Vehicle Reservations
Security Audited Platform
High-Availability Web Hosting
Phone & Live Chat Support
Set-Up Time to Launch Days Hours Minutes
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The Real Difference

The real benefit, which can't be explained in a comparison table, is that with WordPress you're patching together plugins and code from multiple sources, hoping everything works together. While the initial cost may be low if you're doing it yourself, the time required is enormous, time you could better spend developing your business in other ways. You're then left responsible for maintaining this patchwork, 24/7!

With MotorDesk we provide everything you need out-of-the-box, in a platform designed especially for car dealers, backed by a high-availability and security audited platform, which we monitor and maintain 24/7!

Why not give it a try, we offer a 30-day free trial, and during our opening hours we will usually set-up your website within the hour!