Digital Retailing & Automotive Deal Building System

Online Checkout & Deal Builder For Car Dealerships

Sell cars through your website, build deals with a fully online car sales & finance application process, and connect with AutoTrader Deal Builder.

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Online Checkout

Sell cars through your website with a fully online car sales process.

Automate part exchange offers, sell add-on products and simplify your delivery/collection booking.

Provide an entirely online pre-approved car finance application process.

Give customers control to adjust their deal with total transparency.

MotorDesk - Online Car Sales Checkout - Digital Retailing

Build Deals

Enable staff to build deals in seconds, then share deals to enable customer collaboration using their own device, or an in-store device.

Add part exchange and add-on products with ease.

Manage pre-approved finance quotes and applications from MotorDesk.

Integrated delivery and collection booking automates your appointment management.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Deal Builder - Digital Retailing

AutoTrader Deal Builder

Connect AutoTrader's Deal Builder to enable customers to complete their deals through your website.

Seamless integration enables the customer to progress to finalise their deal, with online payment, and automated invoicing & accounting.

MotorDesk - AutoTrader Deal Builder Integration

Automated Car Finance

Our online car finance application process enables customers (and staff) to retrieve pre-approved finance quotations in seconds.

Powered by Credicar, quotations can be progressed to submitted application with ease, with online and automated car finance approval.

Credicar Pre-Approved Finance

MotorDesk - Car Sales Online Finance Application

Simplified Payments

Automate bank transfers with free open banking integration.

Allow customers to pay by credit/debit card, utilising our trusted payment providers for the most competitive card payment rates available.

Provide flexible payment options with support for multiple part-payments.

MotorDesk - Car Sales Online Payments & Open Banking

Automate Your Sales Process

Generate invoices, purchase invoices and finance provider invoices, automatically at the click of a button - with automated marginal VAT and live accounting synchronisation.

Manage delivery and collection scheduling with calendar integration, and customisable pricing and availability rules.

MotorDesk - Car Delivery Logistics & Booking Management
Online Checkout, AutoTrader, Deal Builder & Digital Retailing Questions
Yes, MotorDesk provides a full online car buying process enabling your website visitors to pick a car, add a part exchange, pick add-on products, select a delivery/collection slot, apply for car finance, and pay by bank transfer or credit card, all from their web browser. This functionality is compatible with all web-enabled devices, including computers, mobile phones and even TVs.
Our online car sales checkout is entirely optional and can be disabled without losing the deal builder or online sales processes. If the online checkout is disabled then staff can still create deals which can be shared with customers, enabling customers to complete the checkout process but without giving website visitors free access to start new deals.
For bank transfers we've partnered with Crezco who provide a 100% free open banking solution with no monthly or transaction fees. For credit/debit card payments we've partnered with takepayments and to provide extremely competitive online card processing fees which are less than half of those typically available. Please contact us for more detailed information.
We use AutoTrader valuations to retrieve the latest specification and condition-adjusted valuation for each part exchange vehicle. This valuation is then adjusted based on the rules you set - this may be a simple percentage adjustment or an adjustment based on sales performance data for that particular type of vehicle. The deal builder then enables you to adjust these valuations as required. More advanced rules can be implemented as required.
You can add any add-on product you would like, and as many as you would like, and these can be presented across multiple pages in the checkout process. Products can have individual or multiple options, and products can be displayed based on vehicle value enabling you to provide different options for different vehicles.
We use Credicar for pre-approved finance quotes and online applications. Unlike other established finance services which typically only provide finance calculators, Credicar are able to provide a fully API-based application process. However, being a relatively new service Credicar currently only integrates with a limited number of finance providers. Please contact us for more information.
Yes, invoices are created automatically, not just for the customer but also for the finance provider when applicable. If a part exchange is added MotorDesk will also automatically create the relevant purchase invoice, and we don't just create these documents, we also send them to your connected accounting software instantly ensuring your accounts are kept up-to-date and any VAT or marginal VAT is automatically accounted for. MotorDesk is the only car sales platform which is certified by Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero Accounting software.
Whenever a customer completes a deal using AutoTrader's Deal Builder that deal will automatically feed into MotorDesk within seconds. MotorDesk then takes control of the deal and will optionally email the customer to advise them how to complete their deal online, or how to get in contact to complete their deal offline. If online the customer can then review their deal and optionally pick add-on products along with their delivery or collection slot before proceeding to make payment, or for offline the sales staff can complete this. Once the deal is accepted the relevant invoices and accounting records will be created automatically, along with the relevant delivery or collection appointments. MotorDesk is fully integrated with AutoTrader's Deal Builder and we will continue to advance this integration as new functionality becomes available.