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Upgrade Your Dealership With Our Invoice & Accounting Software

The only car sales software certified by Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero Accounting!

Simplify the car sales process with easy invoice generation, electronic signatures and document organisation, with live synchronisation to popular accounting software.

Offers & Invoices

Our powerful invoicing system simplifies the sales process for you and allows you to convert offers/orders to sales at the click of a button.

Add part exchange vehicles quickly with VRM validation and instant VIN and vehicle description retrieval, and quickly analyse vehicles to generate accurate valuations.

Create purchase invoices with ease, and automatically add part exchanges to your stock.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - Car Dealer Invoice

VAT & Margin Scheme

Easily create VAT and margin-scheme invoices without complexity.

Understand and automate your VAT margin scheme calculations and accounting. Our integration with Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero Accounting automates your margin scheme calculations for your VAT returns.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - VAT Margin Scheme

Online Payments & Reservations

Collect payments and vehicle reservations online, connect your terminals for in-person payments, and accept traditional offline payments.

Process credit/debit card payments using Stripe, or takepayments, and simplify your bank transfers with Crezco.

MotorDesk - Automotive Sales & Dealership Invoicing - Online Payment & Car Sales

Download, Print, Email & Share

Go paperless with simple invoice downloads and customer emails, or quickly print hard copies with ease.

QR codes and online invoices help you share your invoices with customers in seconds.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - Download, Print or Email Invoices

Organise Finance & Transaction Documentation

Easily organise your customer finance & transaction documents, and quickly share them with customers with an optional electronic signature process.

Upload files, or take photos using your mobile/tablet to instantly document transactions.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - Finance Documents eSign Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures

Collect signatures with ease using our invoice eSign, delivery eSign and document eSign features.

Send signature requests by email, and collect signatures on and off-site using any device, even your mobile.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - Electronic Signature on Invoice & Delivery

Integrated Address Finder

Eliminate errors and find customer addresses in seconds with the integrated address search tool.

MotorDesk - Car Sales - Dealership Sales Performance Reports

Custom Products

Manage your products to create consistent invoices faster, with full VAT rate and product options support.

MotorDesk - Car Sales & Invoicing - Product Options

Customer Profiles & Transactions

Manage customers with the integrated CRM (customer relationship management) features.

Easily keep track of transactions and enquiries, and maintain customer notes and appointments through customer profiles.

MotorDesk - Car Sales - Customer Profiles CRM

Sale Reports & Analysis

Analyse your sales performance and stock in detail, identifying which vehicles, manufacturers, models, sales channels, and staff performed best.

Identify common costs and potential savings with detailed supplier reports, and even keep track of your silent salesman performance.

MotorDesk - Car Sales - Dealership Sales Performance Reports

Automated Follow-Ups

Create automated email and SMS messages to be sent to your customers. Choose to send when a vehicle is reserved or sold, when invoices are paid, and even in anticipation of a vehicle's MOT, service, warranty or finance agreement expiry.

MotorDesk - Car Sales - Automated Customer Follow-Ups

Certified By Sage, QuickBooks & Xero

MotorDesk is the only car sales and invoicing system which is fully certified by Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero Accounting.

Simplify how you manage your accounts and VAT returns with live synchronisation of invoices, credit notes and purchase invoices - ensuring your accounts are automatically updated as changes are made through MotorDesk.

Enable margin scheme processing to simplify and automate your margin scheme VAT calculations.

Sage Accounting Car Dealership Invoice IntegrationIntuit QuickBooks Car Dealership Invoice IntegrationXero Accounting Car Dealership Invoice Integration

MotorDesk - Sage Accounting & Invoicing Software for Car Sales
Car Sales Invoice Software Questions

Absolutely! As well as supporting traditional offline invoice payments, MotorDesk's car sales invoice software supports online invoice payments via credit/debit card, or by bank transfer.

MotorDesk provides a fully paperless and online car sales invoicing process, in addition to the traditional paper-based process. Once enabled your online car sales invoices will include the online payment options you've chosen to set-up. For credit/debit card payments MotorDesk integrates with takepayments, Stripe and, and for bank transfers MotorDesk integrates with Crezco.

Crezco provides a completely free service without transaction fees enabling you to direct customers to their mobile banking app or online banking portal with your account details and payment amount pre-completed. After completing their security checks they then simply need to confirm the payment, eliminating any potential for error when entering the payment details, with the added benefit that MotorDesk will be automatically notified when the payment is received eliminating the need to continuously check your online backing.

For credit/debit card payments we've been able to negotiate highly competitive rates with both takepayments and helping you reduce your transaction costs, and we're even able to integrate your takepayments terminals for in-person payments.

The benefits of MotorDesk's car sales invoice software are extensive! MotorDesk provides a streamlined and intuitive car sales invoicing process, designed specifically for the process of selling a car, van, motorbike etc... Not only does this produce highly professional-looking invoices, but it's also quick and easy to use, whilst helping to eliminate potential invoicing mistakes.

One of the most important features of car sales invoice software is the ability to handle UK marginal VAT. MotorDesk is designed around the UK marginal VAT rules and totally automates this process, as well as the associated accounting, helping to eliminate one of the biggest headaches for UK car dealerships.

Another important benefit is the integrated part exchange process, enabling you to add part exchanges to your car sales invoices, with integrated vehicle checks and valuations, as well as automatically adding part exchange vehicles into stock as required.

Yes of course! MotorDesk's car sales invoicing software isn't just for car sales invoicing, it can be used to create any business invoice. A comprehensive product database is included so you can create a database of pre-defined products to add to your invoices, and you can add one-off products with ease.

MotorDesk's car sales invoicing even supports additional brands so you can create invoices branded differently for the different parts of your business.

MotorDesk integrates with Sage Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero accounting software. In fact, MotorDesk is the only car sales invoicing software which is certified for Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks, and Xero Accounting.

Integrating with existing third-party accounting software has some key benefits, the most important being that you and your accountant can use your preferred accounting software and more critically, your accountant doesn't need to be trained to use a new piece of software.

MotorDesk provides what we call 'live synchronisation' with Sage Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero accounting software, this means we keep the accounting software up-to-date as you make changes in the MotorDesk car sales invoicing software. No more manual uploads and imports! When you create a car sales invoice in MotorDesk you can expect it to be created in the attached accounting software automatically at the same time - within a couple of seconds.

Certainly! MotorDesk includes a purchase invoicing system - essentially the reverse of the invoicing system to record your bills and purchases.

Purchase invoices can be associated with cars, and you can manage what we call 'Additional Costs' associated with a car. The additional costs functionality gives you a place to record any costs and invoices associated with each car such as repair and transportation costs - you can record these costs to simply affect the vehicle's stand in value and profit calculation, or you can create purchase invoices for these costs to feed them into your accounting software. In fact when you add a vehicle in MotorDesk you can record the purchase in your accounting software within a few seconds!

MotorDesk's purchase invoicing also offers an OCR (optical character recognition) feature enabling you to upload or photograph your invoices and receipts and MotorDesk will then read the document and create a purchase invoice automatically.

Once you've recorded your additional costs MotorDesk's car sales invoice software then provides a range of reports, including a breakdown of costs by category and supplier helping you to understand your costs and hopefully identify some savings.

Yes, once you've connected your accounting software MotorDesk will retrieve your existing accounting/nominal codes, you can then choose which codes to use for different types of invoice, such as non-car invoices and car sales invoices.

Further to this you can customise the default accounting codes for your individual products and customers, giving you complete control over your default accounting codes with the ability to customise them individually as you handle your car sales.

MotorDesk car sales invoice software provides a range of features to help simplify marginal VAT, and 'regular' VAT. When pricing your cars you will be shown a live profit calculation clearly showing the total VAT and final profit after VAT - this calculation adapts automatically for marginal and VAT qualifying vehicles, with the added ability to control pricing of inc. VAT and exc. VAT vehicles.

VAT accounting and marginal VAT accounting is totally automated by MotorDesk car sales invoicing software when connecting Sage Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero accounting software. In the case of marginal VAT all calculations are clearly displayed on the individual invoice in the accounting software enabling total automation of your marginal VAT without any complicated methods such as journal entries.