AutoTrader Connect, Deal Builder & API

AutoTrader Connect, Deal Builder & API

MotorDesk was built around AutoTrader's APIs and offers unparalleled integration, and whilst some of our competitors charge for API integration as an extra, we consider it a standard feature!

"vehicle": {
    "registration": "AA00AAA",
    "make": "BMW",
    "model": "3 Series",
    "generation": "Estate (2015 - 2019)",
    "trim": "M Sport",
    "derivative": "3.0 335d M Sport Touring 5dr Diesel Auto xDrive (s/s) (313 ps)",
    "derivativeId": "9f2e29a4eb0c41d186307d90f184b2f2",
    "odometerReadingMiles": 30000

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a piece of computer software that is designed to be used by other computer software.

For example, rather than having a pretty form asking a human for their contact details, an API would simply accept the contact details as an input, and rather than saying 'thank you' it may simply display a '1' to confirm the data was accepted.

API's provide a fast and efficient way for computer systems to reliably exchange data, without the complexity of having to use an interface (such as a form) that is designed for a human.

Seamless Integration By Design

MotorDesk was built around AutoTrader's APIs and offers unparalleled integration with the AutoTrader Stock Management & Leads APIs, AutoTrader Deal Builder, and AutoTrader Connect. When you compare our integration to our competitors you should think of it like a car's wiring loom being designed and fitted by the manufacturer, rather than retro-fitted...

Industry Leading Taxonomy

MotorDesk uses AutoTrader's taxonomy, which we consider to be the highest quality and most accurate source of vehicle taxonomy currently available. This taxonomy isn't just vehicle manufacturer and model data, it includes full technical specifications, standard feature lists and optional extras data for tens of thousands of vehicles, available for vehicles over several decades. This taxonomy data is organised by vehicle generation, trim and derivative, with AutoTrader's unique derivative structure providing the most precise classification of vehicles available.

Instant Stock Updates

When you make a stock change in MotorDesk this will appear in your AutoTrader Portal typically in less than 5 seconds, and will then update across the AutoTrader website and app within a few minutes - just as if you had made the change directly in the AutoTrader Portal. This unparalleled speed allows you and your business to move quickly and turn stock faster, without the old-fashioned wait for stock feeds or the tedious task of making changes across multiple platforms.

MotorDesk AutoTrader API Valuations & Metrics

Accurate Valuations and Metrics

We consider AutoTrader's vehicle valuations the most accurate. AutoTrader's valuations are calculated based on actual sales rather than using human intuition, this means the values are based on the prices vehicles are actually being sold for. AutoTrader's valuations and metrics data is incorporated throughout MotorDesk, helping you take consideration of the current market state to enhance your dealer instincts.

AutoTrader Deal Builder

AutoTrader Deal Builder allows customers to reserve vehicles via AutoTrader, adding their part exchange and applying for finance all through AutoTrader. MotorDesk integrates seamlessly with AutoTrader Deal Builder to feed deals into MotorDesk's Deal Builder and Online Checkout, providing the final piece of the jigsaw to enable customers to complete the car buying journey completely online.

AutoTrader Leads API

When you receive an AutoTrader Lead so does MotorDesk, which will instantly connect it with any related vehicle data, customer profiles, sales and appointments, as well as instantly notify the relevant staff of the lead. Full integration with AutoTrader's Deal Builder, Finance and Part Exchange features helps you assist customers with ease, whilst replying using your customer's preferred communication method.

AutoTrader Connect

AutoTrader Connect allows multiple systems to connect with your AutoTrader account, enabling you to use separate systems and services to manage different aspects of your business. MotorDesk integrates seamlessly with AutoTrader Connect and optionally allows changes made with third-party systems to automatically update your data stored in MotorDesk.

AutoTrader Connect Partner

AutoTrader Connect Partner

As an AutoTrader Connect Partner we work closely with AutoTrader to ensure we maintain the highest level of integration, along with developing new integrations as AutoTrader introduce new features!

Empowering Partnerships With AutoTrader Connect

AutoTrader's Marc Thornborough talks with Richard Norris from UK EV specialist Drive Green, and MotorDesk founder Neil Skirrow, about how AutoTrader Connect is empowering partnerships and improving efficiencies in dealerships, and dealership management software.